The Hamilton

DEVELOPER: Shayher Group
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, Community

A special focus on community and sustainability has helped The Hamilton by Shayher Group achieve EnviroDevelopment Certification in all six elements. Located in the waterfront Northshore Hamilton area, The Hamilton offers high-quality, sustainable urban living within the context of a vibrant, sub-tropical community.

Amenities such as a community library, club rooms and large green natural space will enable The Hamilton residents to engage, collaborate and relax with the local community. The precinct is designed to achieve a higher than usual level of pedestrian permeability with cross-block pedestrian links that connect to internal nodes as well as to surrounding community facilities, while bicycle storage facilities promote active lifestyles.
Energy efficient fixtures in commercial areas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 52% compared to offices of a similar size. LED street and accent lighting is used throughout the development while efficient appliances are used within the dwellings to further reduce energy consumption. Two rainwater tanks, with a combined capacity of 281,000 litres, collect water that is reused for toilet flushing, laundry usage and pool/pond refilling. Efficient plumbing fixtures in common areas will reduce water usage by 25% compared to regulatory baseline fixtures.

The Hamilton sits within Economic Development Queensland’s (EDQ) Northshore Hamilton Precinct, which has maintained EnviroDevelopment certification on a precinct-wide level since 2011. The on-going partnership between EDQ and EnviroDevelopment means the Northshore Hamilton precinct will continue to be filled with quality, sustainability-focused buildings, such as The Hamilton, into the future.

Category: Shayher Group
Certification: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, Community