Get EnviroDevelopment Certified

Get EnviroDevelopment Certified

How does it work?

Our certification process has been developed and is routinely refined to ensure that each project’s journey through the certification process is smooth, efficient and connected.

Expression of Interest

  • Meeting to discuss EnviroDevelopment and its applicability to the project
  • Access to EnviroDevelopment National Technical Standards and Application template
  • Overview of resources available to assist in preparation of submission
  • Copy of Application Spreadsheet and Fee Schedule.

Project Registration

  • Registration fee payable
  • Site specific workshop with developer and/or project team on the application of EnviroDevelopment and how the standards apply to the project
  • Anticipate scheduling for National EnviroDevelopment Board of Management review
  • Access to EnviroDevelopment application advice
  • Access to EnviroDevelopment team to undertake application on behalf of submitter.

Application Submission

  • Respond to any requests for further information following submission
  • Draft comments provided to applicant, with opportunity to respond / clarify prior to Board review
  • Commence early discussions on media release and announcement event.

Board Review

  • Respond to any requests for further clarification (if required).

Certification Decision

  • Licensing document, logos, and statutory declaration provided for signing
  • Announcement event / media announcement coordinated
  • Framed EnviroDevelopment certificate provided
  • Project added to the list of EnviroDevelopment certified projects on the website
  • Supplied with EnviroDevelopment marketing material
  • Certification fee payable.

Ongoing Annual Certification

  • Project specific support to build the project’s EnviroDevelopment branding strategy
  • Annual recertification process undertaken
  • Recertification fee payable.


We’ve included a section of FAQs below, but please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

Does EnviroDevelopment increase property value?

Depending on what specific initiatives have been achieved in that project, EnviroDevelopment can absolutely increase property value. Sustainable projects are actively sought by the community and prioritised, especially if initiatives improve quality of life and reducing household operating costs.

How do I find out what level of certification a project has achieved?

All of our active projects, including detail on the achieved leaves, are located in our projects page. If you can’t find your project, contact us and we will be happy to help.

If a project was certified 10 years ago and is still under construction. Will it still be considered sustainable?

The process to maintain EnviroDevelopment certification includes a yearly review of the development, to ensure it is still meeting its sustainability requirements. This process is very important to make sure that we can continually bring the project up to a the current day sustainable level. Sustainability is ever evolving, so it’s important large projects, that can take years to complete, are continually improved.

Where can I find the standards that a project needs to meet?

You can download the most up to date version of the National Technical Standards on our resources page.

Do the certification requirements change?

As the bar for sustainability consistently rises, we are constantly updating the National Technical Standards to ensure that each development has gone above and beyond. We undertake a large review with experts across Australia every three years.

Who gives the tick of approval for a project to be certified?

The EnviroDevelopment program is governed by the National EnviroDevelopment Board. The Board consists of experts from across Australia, that meet monthly to review and certify developments.

I live in an existing EnviroDevelopment; how do I find out more information about the initiatives achieved?

Our projects page shows projects that hold certification. Alternatively, if you can’t find what you are looking for then you can contact us and we will happily provide further information.

I can’t find a certified project in my area. Can I be notified when a project is certified in my local area?

Absolutely. If you subscribe to our updates then you can be notified of new certified projects, including projects in your area.

What can I do as a resident to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Its all well and good to move into a sustainable community, but its more important to create habits that reflect the home you are living in. For tips and guidance on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, head over to Living In and make sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook.

Will EnviroDevelopment certification lower operating costs of a home or tenancy?

Each EnviroDevelopment certified project will include initiatives that can reduce the cost of living in homes or tenancies. This can be done a number of ways including energy and water saving initiatives. However, it’s important that you consider your energy and water usage to make sure that you are optimising the sustainability features of your home or tenancy. To find out more about the sustainable initiatives of a specific project that could reduce your cost of living, get in contact with the developer of the project, or contact us.

What happens if a project fails to comply during the annual audit process?

If a certified project fails to comply during the annual audit project, we give the developer every opportunity to rectify the issue. If this is unsuccessful then the National Board will strip the project of an element or its entire certification.

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