Orion industrial Estate

Orion industrial Estate

Orion Industrial Park, DevelopmentWA’s latest industrial development, is set to transform 95ha of former limestone quarries into a bustling high-quality industrial area servicing a range of industries.

The development will activate the north-western entry into Latitude 32 and combined with the Flinders Precinct, will ensure an ongoing supply of industrial opportunities in Perth’s premier industrial corridor.

Ecosystem: Orion manages all stormwater on-site, preventing any discharge into other catchments or wetlands. Estate Design Guidelines ensures the prevention of pollutants from leaching into the water table and conservation areas. Native plant species are integrated into streetscapes to reduce the urban heat island effect and maintain biodiversity corridors. Seedlings propagated from seeds collected from the local area have been used in the landscaping,

Waste: Orion reused vegetation cleared from the land as mulch on-site and repurposed clearing material from the quarry area. A comprehensive recycling system was placed for civil works materials, including metal, PVC, concrete, and concrete with steel. Furthermore, concrete is recycled into base course pavement products. New proponents are required to incorporate waste management into their designs.

Energy: Energy efficiency is achieved by mandating efficient building orientation, external shading devices, skylights and Solar PV arrays through the Estate Design Guidelines. The measures outlined in the Estate Design Guidelines lead to a 20% total greenhouse gas emissions reduction over BAU.

Materials: Roads within the estate incorporated site-won limestone subbase, recycled road base, and blending of recycled concrete and asphalt. Shell waste and topsoil material are blended and reused, and specified piping is procured from environmentally responsible sources.

Water: Orion includes waterwise landscaping, the use of bio-retention basins, and the installation of rainwater tanks for toilet flushing and irrigation systems for private lots. Water-efficient fixtures and appliances are mandated.

Community: Orion Industrial Park will generate job opportunities and support local businesses. The drainage basin has been redesigned to incorporate public amenities for local users.

Project details

Developer: DevelopmentWA

Development type: Industrial

State: Western Australia

Certification period: 2023 –


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