Strengthening Grantham

DEVELOPER: Lockyer Valley Regional Council
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Community

After being devastated by floods in January 2011, the town of Grantham is being redeveloped stronger and prouder. Following extensive community consultation, the Lockyer Valley Regional Council began redeveloping the town on higher ground, with the first homes constructed within 12 months. The overall masterplan includes the creation of 374 new lots, the establishment of parkland and sport and recreation areas, provision for further community infrastructure, development of new showgrounds, and the creation of the Grantham Village Marketplace. EnviroDevelopment certification recognises the significant achievements in Stage 1 of the reconstruction project, which include 90 lots and public open space.

The masterplan has aimed to deliver an environmental benefit through the revegetation of Sandy Creek, the retention of 80 per cent of trees and the use of locally native species in landscaping. Efforts have been made to treat road runoff through water sensitive urban design features including road-side swales and bioretention basins.

Certification: Ecosystems, Community