Parkland Heights

DEVELOPER: Rockingham Park Pty Ltd
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Waste, Energy, Water

Parkland Heights, developed by Rockingham Park Pty Ltd, is located on a 120 hectare site in Baldivis, 40km south of Perth. The project has been developed with a strong vision of ‘forward thinking’, including encouraging healthy lifestyles and community cohesiveness, and using resources wisely. Upon completion, the development will include 1,200 homes, a neighbourhood activity centre, a primary school and a number of open space areas distributed through the precinct.

Rockingham Park have had a strong focus on efficient resource use, with EnviroDevelopment certification recognising efforts made to reduce potable water consumption, avoid and manage waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Specific initiatives include providing one of five water saving packages to all residents, building around a third of homes with thermal energy ratings of 7 stars or more, and providing an on-site materials recovery centre to facilitate the reuse of building materials.