Kingston Links

CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, Community

A first for the team at Pask, they are excited to present this important strategic redevelopment site in Melbourne’s south-east, the redevelopment of Kingston Links Golf Course (‘Kingston Links’) in Rowville.
The site will revitalise approximately 65ha of well-serviced urban land. Importantly, the project is an ‘infill development’ in that it is the redevelopment repurposes land located in a part of Melbourne which is already developed. This relieves pressure on Melbourne to grow outwards into Melbourne’s ‘greenfields’.

The redevelopment will offer a vibrant and sustainable 800 lot residential community which is set within a pedestrian focused environment and adorned by its generous provision of public spaces and high quality landscape. More than 40% of the Site will be retained as open space including an extensive network of off-road shared pedestrian and cycle paths. The redevelopment will rehabilitate the Corhanwarrabul Creek through the creation and of upgrade 12 wetlands. The development will offer a diversity of lot sizes from 150m2 for terrace houses to above 600m2 for detached houses. Higher density products are also provided for in and around a future and centralised Mixed Use Precinct.

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