Parkside Walk

DEVELOPER: DevelopmentWA and Town of Cambridge
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Water, Community

Parkside Walk is a 3.9 hectare urban regeneration project that will deliver a high quality residential estate of up to 350 apartments, townhouses and terraced housing as a partnership between LandCorp and Town of Cambridge.
The developer has established requirements for all future development undertaken by others to promote climate responsive design, environmental performance and liveability. Submetering of individual apartments’ energy and water will provide opportunities to manage consumption in addition to other mandatory initiatives such as solar pv systems and efficient fixtures and fittings.
Parkside Walk set a clear vision to create a sustainable, vibrant inner city community. The development has retained existing significant trees and relocated others to blend native and site historic species and the central linear public open space will establish the heart of the community and build on requirements for communal and private open space.
The developer also strives to educate future residents on how to live more sustainably while incorporating design features that promote healthy, active living within their local community.