Vivente is a community with the latest in contemporary design and is located approximately 30km south of Perth within the City of Cockburn, set within Hammond Park. Defined within a beautiful natural landscape, the estate is 35 hectares and when complete will deliver a community of 500 home-sites.

Vivente has been designed to maximise the unique attributes of its surroundings. This has been achieved through creating 3.9 hectares of central parkland that features at the heart of the estate. The central parkland has been designed to be an active community focal point, to encourage neighbouring residents to meet. Boardwalks are also a key asset of the public open space and have been provided to encourage walking and community engagement.

Species planted within public open space or streetscapes are also of local provenance with approximately half being suited to Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo and other birds foraging species.

Healthy active living is encouraged throughout the estate and supported via the public open space design and infrastructure. With nearly four hectares of connected public open space designed to respect the natural topography. Notable features include:

  • A “Jacob’s Ladder” style challenge, known as the Hammond Park Climb
  • The Scramble, is one of the first Parkour courses in Western Australia designed to the new Australian Parkour Standards
  • The Cruise, completed in June 2022, is a 1.49-kilometre at-grade walking and running track.

These parks address the need for quality recreational space, particularly in response to contemporary dwellings having less active private open space when compared to traditional inner Perth suburbs. The POS also optimises community creation and activity through valued, well-used parkland. Vivente’s leadership is also reflected in its achievement of EnviroDevelopment accreditation and the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Active by Design accolade.

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Project details

Developer: Gold Estates Holdings Pty Ltd

Development type: Residential Subdivision

State: Western Australia

Certification period: 2018 –


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