Rockingham Industrial Zone

DEVELOPER: DevelopmentWA
CATEGORY: Industrial
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Energy, Water, Community

Rockingham Industrial Zone (RIZ) is a LandCorp project comprising 1,150 hectares of industrial land which allows for heavy industry and provides direct access to sea transport. RIZ is a leading edge industrial estate that supports regional ecological linkages and maximises potential synergies and opportunities between industry and existing infrastructure. RIZ is the largest industrial estate in Australia to be recognised as an EnviroDevelopment.

The RIZ development will conserve and enhance the natural environment through the retention of vegetation and habitat associated with protected flora, fauna and ecological communities. The Conservation Area, covering 90 hectares, is the key mechanism to protect the significant environmental values of the site. Aboriginal heritage is also well considered and provides a framework for valuing space within the estate.

Energy and water efficiency within the built form will be improved, with energy savings expected to be significant with tenants having to achieve at least 30% improvement. An 80% reduction in non-potable water must be achieved by every tenant with the installation of rainwater tanks mandatory for irrigation and toilet flushing.

Industrial synergies will be encouraged by supporting traditionally separate industries to have a collective approach to the exchange of materials, energy, water and/or by-products. The development will be a significant contributor to WA’s economic output and employment opportunities.

Category: LandCorp