Marriott Waters

DEVELOPER: Villawood
CATEGORY: Masterplanned Communities
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Energy, Water, Community

Set over 130 hectares, Marriott Waters, developed by Villawood Properties, will be home to more than 2500 people and 1000 dwellings set amidst 27 hectares of wetlands, parks and reserves and a network of walking and cycling paths. Upon completion, Marriott Waters will include a primary school, activity centre including retail outlets, an array of recreational facilities and a resident’s club featuring a gymnasium, swimming pools, café and communal areas.

Marriott Waters is the only residential community in Lyndhurst currently designed to have direct access to class-A recycled water for non-consuming purposes, providing every household within the estate an alternative water source to irrigate gardens, wash windows and cars and for toilet flushing.

Category: Villawood