Solaire: Creating healthy homes of the future

Solaire: Creating healthy homes of the future

Solaire’s latest initiative Vanquish, is the result of over 2 years’ worth of research and development within the building industry, to find components to create the most cost effective and scalable solution for sustainable housing in Australia.

This is a fully certified Passive House and the largest architecturally designed Passive House in Australia to date. It is one of only 38 homes of this standard to be built in a sub-tropical environment anywhere in the world. It features an Australian first, 3 phase hybrid smart inverter and a world’s first integration between a heat pump and inverter/battery system to store solar energy inside an electric hot water vessel. All thanks to a collaborative project between Solaire, The University of Queensland (UQ), Redback Technologies, and Stiebel Eltron out of Germany.

The home features one of the most advanced energy systems ever made available and through a partnership with Brisbane company Redback Technologies, Solaire designed a house that is considered to be NZB or Net Zero energy.  In its lifetime it will produce more energy than is required to run and if the home is used as per design, it should never require a grid connection. In addition, it is future proofed with the capability of operating within a VPP (virtual power plant), where energy can be traded locally between neighbours and houses connected to the Internet of Things (IOT).

We set out to create a world leading project that was an industry benchmark for sustainability, livability, reliability and energy efficiency, that could be used as a case study for the extraction of information, building performance data and usability with regards to the building’s occupants. In doing so, Solaire were approached by and entered into a formal partnership with the University of Queensland Centre for Data and Energy Innovation, to conduct a 12-month cross faculty project to analyse the data provided by Vanquish.

As this is the first time anything such as this has been attempted on the eastern seaboard, the research team will be monitoring both Vanquish and Solaire’s previous project La Fleur, for indoor air temperature, air quality, C02, VOCs and energy usage. This research material will be used to validate the Passive House model in a sub-tropical context and begin to form up new policies in the way buildings will be designed into the future.

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