The Ridge at Vista Park

The Ridge at Vista Park

Perhaps the most exclusive offering at Vista Park, ‘The Ridge’ was the first precinct developed at Vista Park over 7 stages, with the last of the lots registering on the 16 of October 2018.

Comprising only 70 lots, all over 2000 sqm in size, the Ridge offers scenic views of the escarpment and surrounds. This area has a semi-rural character, established through modern interpretations of traditional colonial Australian design and unique sustainable environmental qualities. In addition, the ridge honours the site’s dairy and agricultural history, the native bushland in the area and the broad vistas available throughout.

Inspired by the communities unshakable bond with nature, creek rehabilitation and revegetation works were carried out along the main watercourse, creating public open space and bike paths to be enjoyed by residents.

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Project details

Developer: Sheargold Property Developments

Development type: Residential Subdivision

State: New South Wales

Certification period: 2011 – 2020


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