OneOneFive Hamilton Hill

OneOneFive Hamilton Hill

OneOneFive Hamilton Hill is an innovative residential estate developed on the former Hamilton Senior High School site in the City of Cockburn, Perth.

The 12 hectare DevelopmentWA infill project will include around 244 lots, two hectares of quality public open space, including nature play areas, a kick-about space, barbecues, cycle paths and remnant bushland. It aims to be a vibrant residential community that celebrates and reflects the site’s history as a school, and its indigenous heritage. It includes a diverse range of modern and affordable housing options including single residential homesites, terrace homes and micro lots, along with grouped housing sites.

As one of DevelopmentWA’s Innovation through Demonstration projects, OneOneFive Hamilton Hill is targeting the highest levels of sustainability. It has been awarded the maximum six leaves EnviroDevelopment accreditation by UDIA. It is recognised as a Water Corporation Platinum Waterwise Development for its balanced approach to water management and it won the WA Australian Water Association Water Sensitive Urban Design award in 2022. OneOneFive Hamilton Hill was a winner at the 2021 Waste Sorted Awards for exceeding the ambitious targets set for resource recovery, recycling and reuse.

DevelopmentWA has taken every opportunity to ensure that the project is showing leadership across all aspects of sustainability. Some features include:

  • A resource recovery strategy, resulting in more than 10,000 tonnes of material recovered, 96% of the project’s demolition waste. Of this, 86% of material was reused on site, leading to further savings in truck movements and carbon emissions.
  • Protection and enhancement of native ecosystems and quality public open space achieved via a considered approach to landscape, retention of landform and existing trees, and additional tree plantings to provide shaded walkable streets.
  • Climate-responsive planning that aims to mitigate urban heat through careful selection of materials, enhanced canopy coverage and water sensitive urban design initiatives that hydrate the landscape.
  • A balanced approach to water management, including diversification of supply, reduction in demand and at source stormwater infiltration.
  • A gas free development and net zero energy target for homes supported by Design Guidelines.

The sustainability initiatives implemented at OneOneFive Hamilton Hill provide the basis for several applied research projects, including the OneOneFive Waterwise Exemplar, Smart Neighborhood Waterwise Performance Monitoring and Evaluation and Construction and Demolition Resource Recovery: Towards a Circular Economy. These projects seek to understand the impacts of implemented sustainability initiatives and how practices can become mainstream in Perth’s urban development industry.

Project details

Developer: DevelopmentWA

Development type: Residential Subdivision

State: Western Australia

Certification period: 2020 –


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