Moonee Valley Park

Moonee Valley Park

A meticulously planned design that sets a new Australian benchmark for botanical-led living. Around 50% of the overall site will be dedicated to new botanical green spaces.

Wellbeing and quality of life is encouraged through an immersion in nature from parklands to bike paths, walking trails to sporting fields and playgrounds to green community spaces. The neighbourhood is pedestrian friendly with every convenience located within walking distance.

All residences at Moonee Valley Park will be fitted with water efficient fixtures rating up to 5 stars.

Rainwater harvesting systems will be installed throughout Moonee Valley Park. Rainwater harvested from various roof areas will be stored and reticulated back to landscaping areas reducing the need to use potable water.

Solar panel systems will be installed on a number of Moonee Valley Park rooftops, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from common areas shared by residents.

Moonee Valley Park will utilise environmentally friendly heating and cooling, with efficient reverse cycle units and thermally efficient building design.

Energy efficient LED lighting systems will be installed right throughout the individual residences and communal spaces at Moonee Valley Park.

Moonee Valley Park has implemented a comprehensive waste management strategy whereby a targeted 80% of all waste generated on site will be recycled.

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Project details

Developer: Hamton & Hostplus

Development type: Mixed Use

State: Victoria

Certification period: 2019 –


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