Informed by Toowong Memorial Park’s natural beauty, opposite which this collection of 2- and 3-bedroom residences sits, Kensington by Mosaic’s architecture is elegantly modern, presenting a fresh, new urban edge to the area.

Created in partnership with leading design solutions firm, Cottee Parker, oversized apartments are carefully curated to deliver style and comfort in equal measure. Full height glazing and operable windows allow an abundance of fresh air and natural light deep into impeccably finished living spaces, heightening the sense of space.

Mosaic Property Group is mindful of the footprint they leave behind, not just on communities but also on the environment. Some of the sustainability measures undertaken at Kensington are:

  • An environmentally responsive design. Form articulation leverages the site’s most valuable aspects
  • Intelligent apartment planning allows for maximum cross ventilation through elevated ceilings and screened facades
  • Double-glazed windows and doors improve acoustics, ventilation, lighting, and solar protection, reducing energy costs
  • A gross pollutant trap filters stormwater runoff, ensuring water pumped into the stormwater system is free of pollutants.
  • Sustainability initiatives beyond regulatory requirements include LED lighting and 91 solar panels
  • Water-wise initiatives include a drip irrigation system, rainwater storage tanks, a rain sensor system, and stormwater capture and reuse
  • Native plant species reduce the need for additional watering and fertiliser
  • Considerable steps are taken to ensure the heat island effect is reduced through:
    • A light-coloured roof
    • The use of materials such as glass, engineered wood, concrete and aluminium
    • Raised rooftop planting areas to maximise vegetation cover
  • A minimum of 90% (by volume) of demolition, land clearing and civil works materials/product was recycled
  • Energy-efficient lifts result in no machine rooms, intelligent automation, and standby modes
  • Concrete with more than 30% supplementary cement materials and more than 30% of recycled aggregate was utilised, with PVC products supplied from an ISO 14001 certified supplier or equivalent
  • Aluminium window frames comprised of 20% recycled materials

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Project details

Developer: Mosaic Property Group

Development type: Multi-Unit Residential

State: Queensland

Certification period: 2021 –


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