Located in Greenbank, Covella is a beautiful boutique residential address proudly delivered by AVID Property Group and Greenfields Development Company.

From the moment you arrive, a sense of tranquillity and community will embrace you. It’s like stepping back to an age when life was simpler, calmer and more harmonious.

With landscaped gardens and neighbourhood parks that blend seamlessly into the surrounding forest – Covella provides a magical sense of seclusion that embraces you from the very first day.

In total, one third of Covella is dedicated to open spaces, including a riparian corridor that has been preserved to enhance the natural beauty and wildlife. This natural green space is complemented by a network of parks and pathways, weaved throughout the urban design to encourage an active lifestyle and further add to the sense of open space enjoyed by residents. At the heart of Covella is the central park, which has become a community focal point for recreation and events.

Covella is a tranquil, leafy enclave, that offers a wide range of block sizes to suit every need.  Traditional family home style blocks come in a selection of sizes and frontages while acreage style lots provide the traditional big backyard allowing even greater freedom to play, grow, and extend your garden.

Covella strives to be sustainably responsible and environmentally minded by preserving and enhancing the natural features that make this address truly special.  Not only is our pledge to sustainability important for our community and the environment, but it can also help households save on energy and water costs and give you the reassurance that, while we may be building the ideal address today, together we’re helping take care of tomorrow.

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Project details

Developer: AVID Property Group

Development type: Residential Subdivision

State: Queensland

Certification period: 2020 –


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