Abadi Gaia

Abadi Gaia

has reimagined retirement beliefs and concepts in Australia. The 11.44 ha masterplan is innovative and leading edge in terms of its ideology, architecture and site planning, as well as social, cultural and environmental interaction.

Extensive facilities and 285 dwellings create a unique physical and environmental setting that embodies a sense of belonging and pride of place.

Environmental sustainability principles have been integral to site planning, landscape, engineering, stormwater and the architectural philosophy.  The intention is to achieve world benchmark standards in environmental excellence.

Land use and management issues commence with an analysis of the existing environment, its flora and fauna along with geotechnical, soil, hydraulics, water cycle, landscaping, disability accessibility and climatic conditions.

Restoration, integration and enhancement are fundamental environmental considerations.

The development has integrated the overarching principles of Feng Shui in materials, colours, textures and smells, a non religious philosophy that seeks to improve harmony and balance in earth based energy flows.

The best journey starts with design and ends in sustainable tranquillity.

For more details, visit www.Abadigaia.com.au

Project details

Developer: PGS Invest Pty Ltd

Development type: Seniors Living

State: Queensland

Certification period: 2021 –


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