Loving Hearts

Loving Hearts

Loving Hearts is arguably Australia’s most sustainable childcare centre, with over 42 eco-friendly features, many never incorporated in an early learning centre before.

Loving Hearts achieved Australia’s first UDIA EnviroDevelopment rating for a childcare centre, demonstrating its industry-leading credentials. It was also a Finalist in the National Banksia Sustainability Awards. The features include: low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) flooring from the sustainable flooring company Interface, to minimise toxic emissions from internal materials. High efficiency air conditioning systems with Economy mode, consume about 40% less energy compared to systems in other centres. A Smart Meter to monitor and optimise the centre’s electricity use.  15kW Solar photovoltaic energy array generating 24,000kWh of renewable energy each year. 54,000 L of rainwater storage.

Children’s timber furniture made from the world’s highest sustainability standard timber which is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. The furniture is also

  • 100% compostable at the end of its life-cycle
  • uses less embodied energy compared to steel and plastic alternatives
  • uses no toxins or harmful environmental pollutants during its manufacturing.
  • Is designed to last for well over 10 years before requiring any maintenance.

Planting of over 500 trees and shrubs on site which are also local native species to increase biodiversity and support native fauna. Most of the plants are also drought tolerant, meaning they won’t need any constant watering after establishment.

100% of wastewater is collected and treated on-site using an advanced septic system, bio-accelerator and geotextile canvas pipe.

96% of construction waste was recycled or reused.

Ecomplish sustainability consultants were engaged before the site was purchased, enabling sustainability to be embedded at every stage.

Loving Hearts currently uses:

  • 30% less water relative to a comparative centre.
  • 37% less energy compared to the average (0.77) of comparative centres, whilst also providing better all-year-around internal comfort and higher rates of fresh air.

Project details

Developer: Tymore

Development type: Education

State: Queensland

Certification period: 2017 – 2019


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