North Harbour

North Harbour

Environmental excellence is at the heart of the vision North Harbour. Achievement of all six elements in the Envirodevelopment accreditation program demonstrates the commitment North Harbour has made to achieving environmentally sustainable development.

North Harbour has been master-planned to offer a complete destination lifestyle – developed in harmony with the area’s natural features that directly support or appreciate the biological, natural, and environmental values of the area.

Historically, the site was significantly degraded because of previous land uses, including 40 years of pine plantation forestry. The project team has approached this scenario as an opportunity to deliver meaningful and observable environmental improvements.

Central to the North Harbour community is restoration of sizeable areas of native vegetation. After more than 15 hectares of revegetation along the Caboolture River, and 81 hectares along Raff Creek North Harbour is now voluntarily taking additional steps to encourage native animal species to return to these revegetated areas.

Coupled with the preservation and ecological improvement of remaining areas of existing mature native vegetation, these works provide a host of environmental benefits including improved bank stability, reduced nutrient loads and improved water quality in the waterways.

North Harbour has delivered substantial improvements to stormwater runoff quality by designing and delivering constructed wetlands at the interface between development and waterway corridors. These wetlands have become a well-utilised resource for a variety of native fauna. With the inclusion of a bird hide and adjoining walking trails, opportunity is made for the community to enjoy and appreciate this green space also.

A variety of environmental initiatives and partnerships with the broader community also demonstrate North Harbour’s commitment to developing an environmentally sustainable community with ongoing environmental benefits.

All these benefits are seen in North Harbour’s large and leafy public spaces, neighbourhoods are walkable, cycleways plentiful, road networks connected, and transport integrated.

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Project details

Developer: North Harbour Holdings

Development type: Masterplanned Community

State: Queensland

Certification period: 2018 –


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