Wickham South

DEVELOPER: Rio Tinto Iron Ore
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Water, Community

Jane Brook is located 18km north east of the Perth city centre and offers a mix of single residential and rural lifestyle lots. The project adjoins the John Forrest National Park and is set in a bushland landscape, enjoying uninterrupted views over the Perth metropolitan area. Jane Brook incorporates 152 urban lots and 64 rural lifestyle lots.

Through the design and environmental approvals processes, Jane Brook has been able to not only maintain a number of significant areas for fauna habitat, but has enhanced and rehabilitated areas both on and offsite to ensure the protection of the environment. The project includes:

  • Retention of 977 native trees, over two thirds of the trees on site, specifically to protect the Black Cockatoo population.
  • Planting of native trees and shrubs to rehabilitate and enhance the natural vegetation surrounding the Jane Brook Foreshore.
  • Planting of over 3,430 native trees to rehabilitate the Susannah Valley Nature Reserve, which used to be cleared former farmland, with trees specifically chosen to create habitat for the protected Black Cockatoo.
  • Space have been designed to incorporate existing granite features.
  • Rural lots include Memorial on Titles preventing the clearing of trees on each lot, helping preserve the existing natural habitat.