White Rock

DEVELOPER: Intrapac Property
CATEGORY: Masterplanned Communities
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community

At the eastern gateway of the Ripley Valley settlement, Queensland’s White Rock residential development is inspired by its natural setting, creating a series of sustainable villages that will inspire a healthy and active community.

A variety of open space, such as local parks, a neighbourhood sports ground and a public plaza within the major neighbourhood centre will foster this community wellness. The neighbourhood centre will also provide employment opportunities in the retail and commercial sectors.

A network of off- and on-road recreational and commuter paths offer connectivity through the estate and the wider Ripley Valley and Redbank Plains.

Landscaping will be a mixture of predominantly native and indigenous species proven in the local area and watered using water drawn from site storage ponds/dams. Efficient energy, mindful waste and environmentally-responsible materials have also been carefully considered in the design of the estate.

The estate will be well-connected with close proximity to the Ripley Valley Town Centre (4km), Ipswich City centre, motorway and rail including a future rail line adjacent to the site. A significant amount of land will be dedicated to the White Rock Conservation Area.

White Rock will offer a well-connected community set in beautiful surrounds with a focus on outdoor healthy living and environmental design principles at its core.

Category: Intrapac