Sugar Gum Estate and Bottlebrush Project

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DEVELOPER: Department of Communities
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community

The subdivision design of SugarGum Estate orients most lots so that homeowners can benefit from using solar-passive design principles in their home design and take full advantage of opportunities for natural heating and cooling, rather than relying solely on air conditioners, fans and the like. The estate is targeting low waste production, high recycling rates and ensuring that dwelling design supports recycling initiatives. SugarGum Estate is a ‘Smart Waste Zone’. Construction waste is to be managed in accordance with guidance provided by the Master Builders WA Smart Waste Guide. Builders must demonstrate adherence to a documented waste management plan which sets out an approach to ‘avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle’ waste as set out in the guide. The sustainability initiatives applied at SugarGum Estate aim to respond to the needs of today’s and future generations by addressing a range of environmental, social and economic criteria.

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