CATEGORY: Multi-Unit Residential
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Materials, Water

Receiving certification alongside Twenty on Queens, Sephora was the first Multi-Unit Development to be certified under the EnviroDevelopment National Technical Standards Version 2.

Residing in an unbeatable location in one of Brisbane’s most iconic streets, the boutique Sephora complex represents Pointcorp’s commitment to quality and sustainability. With only 20 apartments and facilities such as a gym, sauna, recreational area and a swimming pool this project was extremely popular with 16 apartments selling in the first week after completion in 2014.
Sephora proves that sustainability is achievable through well-considered design and attention to detail, delivering phenomenal outcomes in a highly competitive market. Clever design complimented the neighbouring Heritage listed building and shows great consideration for the existing environment and community culture. Completed with stylish landscaping and notable area dedicated to deep planting, the project well exceeds statutory requirements, contributing greatly to the surrounding natural and social environment.
Sephora displays an admirable effort of enhancing existing land and capturing the cultural identity of the existing community.

Client: PointCorp
Category: PointCorp
Certification: Ecosystems, Waste, Materials, Water