Sanctuary Cove

DEVELOPER: Mulpha Australia Limited
CERTIFICATION: Waste, Energy, Water, Community

The $2 billion Sanctuary Cove covers 474 hectares. Established in 1986, Sanctuary Cove incorporates facilities such as two championship golf courses, a marina, a retail precinct with boutique shops and restaurants, a five star Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove hotel, Country Club, Golf Club and 24 hour active land and water security.

To demonstrate Mulpha’s commitment to conserving energy, the company has implemented a comprehensive five year plan that involves retrofitting highly efficient water and energy technology including energy efficient lighting within the Village, Marina and Hyatt Regency. The energy efficient lighting has already been rolled out in street lighting, garden and tree lighting and individual tenancies are being encouraged to convert. Infra-red sensors and timers have also been installed at the Hyatt Regency to control lighting in areas of low pedestrian frequency and air-conditioning.

Mulpha has employed a waste management plan where all non-recyclable waste generated on site is transported to J.J. Richard’s Ti-Tree Bio Energy facility. This process enables waste generated by Sanctuary Cove to be converted into reusable energy. The development is strongly underpinned by its commitment to social and community elements designed to actively encourage interaction between residents and visitors.

Certification: Waste, Energy, Water, Community