Quay 2

CATEGORY: Masterplanned Communities
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, Community

Quay 2 in Torquay is a new, prestigious neighbourhood created by Intrapac. Consisting of 524 Land Lots and 106 Medium Density Dwellings spread across nearly 46 hectares with over 6 hectares dedicated to open space.

Quay 2 is the vision of Intrapac Property, the original designs and developers behind The Quay. Positioned alongside and above The Quay, it will be prestigious, limited release development with beautifully landscaped surrounds and elevated ocean views.

Intrapac and Quay 2 are proud to announce the certification of achieving all EnviroDevelopment elements. This development offers a unique opportunity to combine modern living with the tradition of a strong sense of township and community. It is design to provide families a relaxed, comfortable and safe home.

Quay 2 is proudly the first development within the Torquay precinct to achieve EnviroDevelopment Certification. Located on the edge of Bass Straight with views to Port Phillip and Barwon Heads, this coastal region is defined by sun, wind, salt and rain. It can be calm, sun-drenched, idyllic, and wild, such is the nature of living on the boundary of land and sea. These environmental factors offer a vibrancy and variety that are often lacking in metropolitan and suburban areas. This special climate will be reflected in the landscaping and built form of Quay 2. Quay 2 has a carefully designed masterplan with significant wetland and reserves areas and landscaped parklands will create community spaces for residents to enjoy. For more information go to – www.intrapac.com.au/intrapac-communities/quay-2/

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