DEVELOPER: Peet Limited
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Water, Community

The Quarters development site covers 66 hectares of land previously used for agricultural purposes. The site is located on Evans Road in Cranbourne West approximately 2km from the Cranbourne town centre and 45 minutes drive south east of the Melbourne CBD. Quarters is the first of a series of new Peet communities welcoming another 8,000 or more residents to the area.

Upon completion, the development will consist of approximately 800 dwellings in a range of sizes and will be constructed over 17 stages. In addition to conventional low density residential areas, three medium density ‘superlots’ will be provided in strategic locations. They have been designed as an interface to future employment areas in the north and west.

The development will include a new government primary school at the northern end of the site, 3.1ha of local parks and a drainage reserve covering 5.5ha of open space. The development’s community facilities and the adjacent residential areas will be linked through a system of cycle/pedestrian pathways.

For more information on this development please visit: https://www.peet.com.au/

Category: Peet Limited