Project Zero

DEVELOPER: Apollo Property Group
CERTIFICATION: Waste, Energy, Materials, Water

Project Zero is the first single dwelling to receive EnviroDevelopment certification. Located in the inner-city Brisbane suburb of Alderley, Project Zero shows the journey of a young family and a small construction business in their attempt to renovate a classic post-war house into a fully sustainable and functional home, and importantly, do their small part for the environment.

Predominantly an office fit out firm, Apollo Property Group (APG) aim to use the project, and the process involved, to develop and deliver training on sustainable design to its staff, contractors, builders and architects. APG have facilitated multiple workshops with the project team to ensure the best and most sustainable outcomes are achieved. APG expect to have a far better understanding of what can be done to build sustainably at the end of the process, and hope to carry their experiences from Project Zero forward into their future projects.

Certification: Waste, Energy, Materials, Water