Mawson Lakes

DEVELOPER: Delfin Lend Lease 
CATEGORY: Masterplanned Communities
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Water, Community

Mawson Lakes is a joint venture partnership between Delfin Lend Lease and the South Australian Government. Commenced in 1997, the $1.5 billion, 620 ha site will be completed by 2011 and will be home to 10,000 residents, 7,500 students and provide employment for 7,000.

Mawson Lakes includes a transit hub, extensive walking and bike trails, a central dining and retail precinct and 70 ha of lakes and waterways.

All homes and businesses in Mawson Lakes are connected to a recycled water system separate to the normal drinking water supply. Treated stormwater and wastewater is provided for outdoor water usage, garden and park irrigation and toilet flushing.