Green Square

CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Energy, Water, Community

Green Square, developed by BHC (formerly Brisbane Housing Company), features two levels of commercial office space, along with 80 studio and one-bedroom apartments across nine levels. The site is in an inner city location and previously formed part of a council depot and pre-casting yard, which was demolished prior to BHC attaining the land. Before development, the site had almost 100 per cent cover by concrete slabs overlaying fill. An existing substation on site was retained and incorporated into the new building.

The building features a striking seven storey atrium through the residential levels, which is densely planted to create a green wall effect. Rainwater harvesting, water efficient tap ware and thoughtful design to minimise the requirement for air-conditioning all contribute toward a lower overall environmental impact. The development uses 20 per cent less potable water and produces 20 per cent less greenhouse gases than a standard project.

Tenants are encouraged to take full advantage of the potential savings offered by the building’s green design. Quarterly building management meetings are held to discuss strategies to reduce electricity use and a tenant manual is provided with energy saving tips and hints.

Client: BHC
Category: BHC
Certification: Ecosystems, Energy, Water, Community