Evergreen Waters

DEVELOPER: Simonds Developments
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Water, Community

Evergreen Waters is located 3 minutes from Epsom and 9 minutes from central Bendigo in a quiet rural setting, nestled amongst bushland rich with native flora and fauna. Upon completion, the site will include 700 lots of varying sizes to build character in the estate and provide diversity for future residents.

The focus of the development is a linear reserve along Jobs Gully Creek, a waterway that dissects the western portion of the site. Wetlands, rain gardens and sediment basins assist in storing and treating stormwater by mimicking natural water filtration processes. The reserve provides for a variety of recreation experiences, with open spaces for informal play and social gathering, and defined activity nodes which include barbeques, shelters and seating. Cycle and pedestrian paths extend through the reserve and the surrounding residential areas, and connect to the adjacent 65km Bendigo Bushland Trail, which provides easy access to extensive bushland reserves and the Bendigo Botanic Gardens. This encouragement of active transport and the array of nature recreation opportunities encourage an appreciation and understanding of the local environment.

Other sustainability features of the development include the provision of recycled water via third pipe technology, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in potable water demand, and the use of EcoBlend Cement in footpaths, kerbs and hard landscaping, which has lower energy consumption and waste production across its lifecycle.

For more information on this development please visit: https://www.evergreenwaters.com.au/