DEVELOPER: Jumrum Rainforest
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials

eco@jumrum (Kuranda, QLD) is a land-only rural residential development and is the first project in the Far North Queensland to be certified by EnviroDevelopment. Named after Jumrum Creek that weaves through the estate, the project lives and breathes a commitment to its rainforest surrounds. The developer has partnered with EnviroCare to undertake creek rehabilitation works, setting aside riparian buffers ranging from 5m to 10m along the riverbanks (8.1 ha in total).

Lots are between 3000m2 and 7000m2, however, the maximum building envelope is 2000m2 with the remainder of the land protected by a strict covenant for perpetuity. The covenants dictate that lots cannot be fenced beyond the building envelope, ensuring the connectivity of habitat for fauna to freely move throughout the estate. Site Design Notes for each lot are provided free of charge to buyers, showing the best place to build and landscape, taking into account solar orientation and prevailing breezes.

Homes will be built with energy-efficient water heaters and appliances, with a particular focus on reducing energy use by design. The developer is supporting post-construction sustainability by providing compost bins and subsidising native landscape packages up to $2,000 for each lot.

Client: Jurum Rainforest
Certification: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials