Cygnia Cove

DEVELOPER: Richard Noble
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Community

Cygnia Cove is a riverside residential subdivision 9km south of the Perth CBD, comprising 180 single lots and five townhouse or unit sites over an 18 hectare area. Cygnia Cove, 10 years in the planning, has achieved a development design which rehabilitates a degraded site, protects and enhances the Canning River Foreshore, creates a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, and provides for a vibrant, cohesive and sustainable community.

The development will transform degraded land on the Canning River into a significant wetland environment and provide a permanent water source for the river and enable a feeding and breeding habitat for the Black Swan. The wetland areas, along with landscaped parklands and an expanded foreshore reserve, make up more than 5 hectares – almost a third of the site.

Cygnia Cove will feature a Heritage Walk Trail portraying the rich and varied history of the site including a unique interpretive Bush Tucker garden with native plant species. Extensive consultation with the Aboriginal and wider community has contributed to the development of the Trail and also helped shape plans for the new community.

Category: Richard Noble