Clearview Rise

DEVELOPER: Economic Development Queensland
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, Community

Clearview Rise is located 1.5km west of the Roma Town Centre, and will provide 372 homes of a diversity of housing types, including detached and attached dwellings, terraces and traditional homes. The design of the estate has a focus on affordability and universal design principles to meet the changing needs of households over time.

The development provides two hectares of parkland throughout the estate, which include open lawn areas, a skate bowl, barbeque facilities and children’s playgrounds. Shaded footpaths extend through the parklands and residential areas to allow for safe and comfortable walking and cycling throughout the development. The landscape design facilitates the formation of social networks and this is further enhanced by a community liaison officer, who acts to link local community groups with the development.

The parklands include bioretention basins to store and treat stormwater, and overflow from these basins will stored underground and used for park irrigation. Design of individual lots also follows Water Sensitive Urban Design principles, with an emphasis on maintaining permeable surfaces and directing run off to these spaces for onsite infiltration.

Solar access and natural ventilation have been considered at both the masterplan and building scale to ensure comfortable indoor temperatures without the need for active heating and cooling. All homes will have energy and water efficient fittings, and builder partners have committed to using 20 percent environmentally responsible materials and non-toxic materials.

Certification: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, Community