Catalina Estate

DEVELOPER: Satterley Property Group
CATEGORY: Masterplanned Community
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community

Catalina Beach and Grove are two residential precincts within the greater 170 hectare masterplanned community of Catalina in Perth’s northern coastal corridor which will ultimately comprise around 2,500 lots and be home to approximately 6,000 residents.

Catalina is delivered by the Tamala Park Regional Council, formed by seven local governments to implement the development, and project managed by Satterley Property Group.  The early vision to create a more sustainable, more liveable community is being successfully delivered.

A strong focus on ecosystems led to the rehabilitation of an 11.5 hectare Biodiversity Conservation Area which provides a significant green link, including feeding habitat for Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.  Habitat trees are also retained in road reserves and public open space.  A successful plant relocation, seed collection and fauna relocation program has been implemented, with over 550 grass trees relocated and a contribution to the seed bank that can equate to over 2 million plants.

A mandatory builders waste program will see well over 90% of waste by weight collected on site and recovered at a start-of-the-art facility, with the program at Catalina used as a case study for best practice waste management in WA.

Catalina Beach and Catalina Grove, through careful design and energy and water efficiency will reduce living costs for residents and has a strong focus on community engagement and education.