Archer’s Way

No Community

DEVELOPER: Dennis Family Corporation
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water

Dennis Family Corporation is proud to be delivering another Dennis Family community project, Archer’s Way. Inspired by an easy, effortless lifestyle and a great sense of community, following in the heart of Dennis Family Corporation family values.
Surrounded by every imaginable shade of green, expansive undulated horizons & an unmistakable tranquillity, Archer’s Way offers the next level of rural living. Located within the pristine Moreton Bay Region and only a few minutes drive from Woodford town centre, Archer’s Way offers a variety of family-sized blocks ranging from 517 to 1505 square metres averaging 600 square metres.
Blocks have been designed to capture the essence of this locale and D’Aguilar Mountain views. Key in our vision of this new land offering was the preservation of fauna connections with our surrounding neighbouring bushland whilst promoting environmentally friendly construction methods and building design. Home designs are promoted to utilise best practice environmental design criteria outlined in our guide provided to each purchaser to conserve waste and energy, not only throughout the build phase but long into the life of the home.
Archer’s Way provides a serene offering and supports the local community at D’Aguilar, we look forward to connecting our new owners with this long-established community.

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