DEVELOPER: Glenvill Developments and Alpha Partners
CATEGORY: Residential Subdivision
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, Community

Ten years ago who would’ve thought the Amcor paper mill in Fairfield would now be boasting a large master plan re-development precinct within the city of Yarra. The Alphington Paper Mill will be primarily redeveloped to provide housing for a new residential community of approximately 2500 households.

A key aim is to ensure the development is inclusive in its programming and housing provision, and hence it is intended that the development plan provides for housing ranging from large detached homes to townhouses, live/work homes, low rise apartments, industrial conversions for loft apartments, more conventional apartments and affordable secure rental accommodation for lower income households. Underpinning the neighborhood will be a new Village Precinct and a series of destinations for passive & active recreation and social interaction.

Set to house 5000 people and offering employment for many in the area, this development by Glenvill Developments/Alpha partners has achieved all six elements of EnviroDevelopment rating tool. Select historic icons from the paper mill days will be incorporated into the clever urban design delivered by Rob McGauran, Director of MGS architects.

For more information on this development please visit: https://yarrabend.com.au