Alkimos Beach

DEVELOPER: DevelopmentWA and Lend Lease
CATEGORY: Masterplanned Communities
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water, Community

Alkimos Beach is the first WA project to achieve all six leaves of an EnviroDevelopment certification.

The Alkimos Beach development, a partnership between LandCorp and Lend Lease, will be the largest and most significant coastal development in Perth’s northern growth corridor in the last 50 years. The aspiration for Alkimos Beach is to demonstrate leadership in sustainability and to create a community of global significance that’s moving toward carbon-neutral living.

Alkimos Beach is a 224 hectare development with approximately 2,000 dwellings. This development is part of a broader project that will, over a 20 year period, cover 710 hectares and house 15,000 people.

Retention of existing key landscape features has been a major driver in the design of the beach development and involves creating landscape corridors connecting urban areas with the coast and areas of retained open space and dunes.

The built form outcomes has a strong focus on achieving significant energy and water efficiencies for residential households, with financial savings for householders a result. Implementing best practice for waste management and using environmentally responsible materials in construction ensures the built component of Alkimos Beach is a leading example of sustainable development.

There is also a very strong commitment by the development team to expand community knowledge of how to create and live a more healthy and sustainable life.