6 Fulcher Road

DEVELOPER: Golden State Properties
CATEGORY: Multi-Unit Residential
CERTIFICATION: Ecosystems, Energy, Materials and Water

Golden State Property Developments considered the environment very highly when purchasing our 6 Fulcher Rd site. We worked closely with UDIA to secure there EnviroDevelopment certification across 4 criteria;

Water – Water wise fitting were used throughout to improve water efficiency, reduce water wastage and minimise utility costs for future owners

Energy – Energy efficient electrical fittings and appliances were incorporated to minimise electricity consumption. Individual solar systems were also installed to each townhouse to further offset electricity consumption and cost.

Ecosystems – Rehabilitation works were undertaken to the surround environmental protection area ensuring the healthy and resilient ecosystem is preserved for years to come.

Materials – 6 Fulcher Road was consciously designed and constructed using recycled, renewable, non-toxic and locally sourced materials.

The benefits these have brought to our boutique project have been well received by the market.