Hub makes Woodlea the place to call home

Hub makes Woodlea the place to call home

Victoria’s fast-growing community, Woodlea, has shared their extensive range of eco-friendly initiatives that not only improve the environment for current residents, but protect the local landscape to ensure it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Spanning across 711 hectares, the masterplanned community has dedicated over 30 percent of land within the estate to green open space, ensuring a combination of high-quality, contemporary homes, modern convenience, and genuine natural beauty.

With sustainability integrated into all facets of the community, Woodlea is not only home to an extensive array of sports and recreation facilities, cycling paths and adventure playgrounds – encouraging residents to enjoy the great outdoors – they have also released a range of smart solar packaged townhomes, empowering residents to save up to 80% on electricity bills.

The newest addition to the estate is the Woodlea hub, home to a community room and destination park and playground.

First considered for its successful use as a childcare centre, the Woodlea hub will initially be utilised as a sales centre before being repurposed after five years.

The Woodlea Hub will host a community veggie garden attached to the newly located not-for-profit social enterprise cafe — known as Aintree Cafe & Garden — where all profits from the business will continue to be filtered back into the local community through their parent organisation, ‘We Love Aintree’.

Designed at all levels to minimise impact to the environment, the Woodlea approach also encourages a safe, healthy and active lifestyle, and is Victoria’s largest masterplanned community to achieve certification in all six EnviroDevelopment accreditation leaves, demonstrating high-level performance in the areas of ecosystems, water, energy, waste, materials and community.

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