This includes consideration of aquatic ecosystems, landform, flora and fauna.


To maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems based on natural processes with rich native biodiversity.


Development that aims to protect and enhance existing native ecosystems and encourages natural systems and native biodiversity and rehabilitates degraded sites.



  • Encourage resilient natural ecological communities and protect natural connectivity.
  • Encourage maintenance (during and after construction) of native vegetation where existing, and rehabilitation of locally native vegetation where not already in existence in a healthy state.
  • Encourage protection and rehabilitation of riparian vegetation and wetlands.
  • Avoid water pollution and degradation of water quality in waterways and natural systems and remediate any water quality problems occurring on-site or in neighbouring areas.
  • Minimise disruption to landform and natural ecosystems.
  • Encourage development on previously developed or degraded sites, whilst considering affordability.
  • Encourage protection (during and after construction) of existing habitats for native animals or rehabilitation of such habitats where not already in existence in a healthy state.
  • Maintain and enhance viable habitat size to improve connectivity and reduce fragmentation.
  • Promote biodiversity and sustainability awareness.
  • Ensure the necessary monitoring and maintenance programs exist to assess ongoing ecosystem performance.




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