How does it work?

EnviroDevelopment logos make it easier for potential purchasers to recognize and, therefore, choose sustainable lifestyles. Developments may receive EnviroDevelopment certification across six defined categories (elements) of sustainability and are able to advertise the leaf icon of each element for which they have been accredited.

The standards required for EnviroDevelopment certification have been determined by a panel of government, industry and environmental experts. Certification in any one of the EnviroDevelopment elements is a significant achievement, with a number of elements signifying a truly outstanding sustainable development project.

EnviroDevelopment (leaf) icons are awarded to environmentally sustainable developments for the following achievements:


Improved water use through water efficiency mechanisms and / or source substitution such as rainwater and stormwater harvesting.


Reduced production of greenhouse gases and reduced use of fossil fuels. This is achieved through greater efficiencies in energy usage and use of renewable and non-polluting energy sources such as solar power.


Protected and enhanced health and sustainability of natural systems and the encouragement of native biodiversity and rehabilitation of degraded sites.


Vibrant, cohesive, sustainable communities with good community design; the provision of community facilities and networks; safe, accessible housing and options for the reduced use of private motor vehicles.


Environmentally responsible material usage including reuse of materials, recycled materials and consideration of the life cycle environmental costs of materials.


Comprehensive waste management procedures and practices to reduce the amount of waste to landfill.



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