This considers both water efficiency mechanisms and / or source substitution such as water reuse facilities.


Improve water use efficiency.


Measures that would achieve 55% reduction in potable water use across the development (compared to recent historical data and/or ‘traditional’ development meeting basic regulatory standards).

Water tank


  • Reduce potable water use. There are two fundamental strategies to achieve this although a combination of these strategies may also be selected:
    • Reduce overall water use by 55% – e.g. through water efficiency mechanisms – more than mandated under Sustainable Housing Code (e.g. 3 star WELS showerheads and dual flush toilets)
    • Utilise alternative water sources (e.g. rainwater, stormwater, dual reticulation) for more than 55% of the development’s water use (without increasing water use unnecessarily / unreasonably). If underground water / bore water is to be used to supplement potable supplies then there will also need to be evidence of water efficiency mechanisms and water balance calculations to show aquifer recharge.




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